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Brow Artistry & Permanent Makeup Brow Specialist ! Strictly by appointment only!

Micropigmentation Pro Brows

Micropigmentation Brow Consultation
Micropigmentation Brow Consultation Your consultation is the 1st step towards perfect brows ,includes patch tests ,measurements and all your questions answered , explaining the difference between techniques and deciding between Microblading, HdOmbre, Hybrid or Microstrokes . Price is redeemable against final price, if booked on the same day as the consultation! Please Note : “The Booking Fee is Not Refundable!” €50
Realistic Brows – Machine Hairstroke Technique
Realistic Brows – Machine Hairstroke Technique The most advanced and difficult to master technique replicating real life hair strokes in Micropigmentation . As the name suggests, machine hairstrokes are done using a cosmetic tattooing machine. Rather than slicing with a manual thin blade-like tool ,the Micropigmentation machine injects a pigment into the dermis by creating thousands of tiny dots (it perforates the skin up to 5000 times per minute ) giving the illusion of hyper realistic , perfect and natural hair-like strokes of coloured pigment beneath the surface of the skin. This service allows you to have fully saturated hairstrokes with better retention, minimal trauma to the skin and provides you with a smoother and faster healing process.As a result, the machine strokes last longer because the device is able to implant as much or as little pigment in the chosen area ,without causing swelling, bleeding or bruising and is being described as the most comfortable technique and experience of pigments implanting into the skin ! The machine hairstrokes last longer and wear off in a softer way, my technique is also suitable for all skin types compared to microblading technique ,having great results and retention when working over scar tissue in the brow area which is quite common due to accidents and piercings! €420
18-24 months Top Up – Micropigmentation
18-24 months Top Up – Micropigmentation If you are one of the lucky clients with perfect retention and very little fading on your brow Micropigmentation or due to certain impediments you couldn’t top up your brows on time , than this is your last chance to refresh them before we start the procedure all over again ! After two years Brows need to be reviewed ! €250
Microblading Brows – Manual Strokes Technique
Microblading Brows – Manual Strokes Technique This beauty shortcut is ideal for those with thin eyebrows who do not want to waste time drawing them on every morning or who don’t feel very confident during the day, as sweat and humidity causes colouring to fade. Certain activities, such as swimming and exercise, are also not friendly to eyebrow make-up. €400
Combination – Strokes and Shading
Combination – Strokes and Shading Combination Brows- This Best of both worlds €420
Ombré  Brows – Natural Soft Shading
Ombré Brows – Natural Soft Shading Permanent makeup technique gives you a softer filled-in finish,if your brows need a fuller look or correction ,this long term solution is the easiest to wear from all pmu procedures as it suits everyone ! Patch test and consultation is obligatory ! €400
Powder Brows – Bold & Defined Brows
Powder Brows – Bold & Defined Brows Permanent Makeup procedure used mainly in important corrections of assymetry , colour enhancement and long lasting effect , has a fuller look and intensity/density compared to Ombre Brows . Patch test and consultation is a must in order to take your booking ! €400
Retouch Top-up Micropigmentation -6 weeks
Retouch Top-up Micropigmentation -6 weeks Your second step in completing and adding your final touches for perfect brows ! €100
Yearly Refresher  Booster – Micropigmentation
Yearly Refresher Booster – Micropigmentation Micropigmentation yearly refresher top up within 12 months from ... €120
Brow Booster 12-18 months
Brow Booster 12-18 months Follow up appointment for previous clients maximum 12-18 months from initial procedure. Please note that after 18months the price of the procedure could go back to full cost ! Please contact for assessment! €190
Colour Correction / Lightening
Colour Correction / Lightening Either you need a small correction on your Microblading service... €60
Extra Booster -Hairstrokes Or Microblading This is an extra for top ups only !!! Not to be performed on it’s own ! For Microblading top ups you have to option of getting extra definition and depth by adding shading ! If you only started with strokes and still fill in your brows , then this is what will save you the hustle! Add it to your yearly top up session! €50

Pro Artistry

Henna Brow Design
Henna Brow Design Henna tinting helps to make eyebrows more expressive, disguising gaps in plucked or receding eyebrows and the spa-care makes it possible to achieve a maximum result from tinting, it makes the effect from the treatment last longer as well as strengthens and protects the hairs and skin. €45
Keratin Lash Lift
Keratin Lash Lift Treat your own lashes with a gorgeous treatment ... €60
Belmacil Enhancing Brow Color
Belmacil Enhancing Brow Color Belmacil is a luxury range of tints that offer you long lasting , luxurious ,rich colors even for the most demanding clients. You will never be disappointed with these colours and never look back ! First time users need a patch test ! No shaping included ! €20 / 15 MIN OR MORE
Belmacil Lash Definition
Belmacil Lash Definition Careful, when you try these tints, you will fall in love! Tinting reinvented, luxurious long lasting colours, Swiss made , offer you the diamond of lash and brow dyes , you’ll never look back ! First time users need to get a patch test ! €20 / 15 MIN OR MORE
Intense Lash Tint – extras only
Intense Lash Tint – extras only Enduring beauty with Intensive Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint. Eyelashes and eyebrows with Intensive from Biosmetics look simply fantastic! The colour extends the full length of eyelashes which may have been faded by the sun and water. The eyelashes seem clearly longer and more voluminous. The classical colouring for every source colour highlights the expression of your eyes. No more clumpy mascara, so wake up happy in the morning with sparkling eyes – without make-up remains. Experience vacation without problems when bathing and sunbathing! €15
Threading – extras only
Threading – extras only Extra service , can be added to most of Exclusive treatments ... €15
Brows Keratin Lamination Treatment
Brows Keratin Lamination Treatment Your best choice of treatment if you’re looking for fluffy brows , which is the latest must have to add to our brow addiction , especially when we own a pair of thick curly brows . Introducing Keratin Infusion Brow Treatment - a full protocol treatment for fuller, thicker, and better shaped brows. Our Triple GrowthFactor Compound infuses strength and volume into each brow hair. It enhances by thickening, volumizing, texturizing, and then sealing the cuticle of the brows for long lasting results. This works on existing hair only , by flattening and stretching hair into a desirable shape €45


Microdermabrasion What is Diamond microdermabrasion ? Millions of people throughout the world deal with skin care issues such as acne, wrinkles, and other fine lines every day. Its natural to want to maintain that look and feel of smooth skin as we move through our teenage years. Option to customise your treatment with masks and targeted serums for extra €10 , adding another 15 minutes to your treatment . €60
Micro-needling It is a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation and revitalisation cosmetic procedure that aims to induce and regenerate dermal collagen. Using a dermaroller, devices with micro-needles that create tiny perforations on the skin, causes a wound healing response that stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. €130
Lip Augmentation – HA Dermal Filler
Lip Augmentation – HA Dermal Filler Revitajal is a unique Finnish brand produced in EU. In Europe Finnish products have gained considerable popularity due to the highest possible quality standards. Revitajal fillers have divinyl sulfone (DVS) as their base, which differentiates them from existing products on the market. Thanks to its unique composition (DVS cross-linking agent, as well as high concentration of products), Revitajal products are completely safe, and have a very low level of toxicity, and remains effective for a longer period of time. €260
Mesotherapy Multivitamines & Antiaging
Mesotherapy Multivitamines & Antiaging As the name indicates, this unique Bioface product provides... €100
Biorevitalisation – Anti Hair Loss
Biorevitalisation – Anti Hair Loss Hair loss can be caused by a number of different reasons. €100
Rejuvenation -Hyaluronic Cocktail 2%
Rejuvenation -Hyaluronic Cocktail 2% Our Bioface Rejuvenating Cocktail has been shown to revive and restore your skin €120
Ericson Laboratoire Acti Biotic Oily Skin
Ericson Laboratoire Acti Biotic Oily Skin A COMPLETE TREATMENT METHOD FOR OILY SKIN Starts from €70
Rejuvenation Skin Whitening Cocktail
Rejuvenation Skin Whitening Cocktail Melanocytes are melanin producing cells that are present within .. €100
Ericson Laboratoire Hydra Clinic
Ericson Laboratoire Hydra Clinic The new HYDRA CLINIC range: Starts from €70
Dermaplaning This is a great treatment for most skin types including those who generally shy away from peels and microdermabrasion because they find their skin to be too sensitive or reactive. €60