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Pre Booking Info

Is Micropigmentation suitable for you? 

Micropigmentation is not suitable if under 18,  pregnant or breastfeeding, if on blood thinners, if recently was on antibiotics , chemotherapy, steroids treatment, on sunburned skin, if recently on antibiotics, if had an organ transplant, if had an outbreak of eczema, psoriasis or acne in the brow area, if on long term use of anti inflammatory or blood thinners .


   *Botox is not recommended 3-4 weeks before or after Micropigmentation !

   *no chemical peels Microdermabrasion /advanced facials 4 weeks before or after procedure 

   * no alcohol or caffeine 24 hours prior

   * no blood thinners or anti inflammatory pills 72hr prior 

   * no hair colouring on brows  14 days after procedure 

   * wash your hair fresh as you will not be allowed to wash it at least 5 days after the procedure ! 

   * if you have a head cold or sinus infection at the time of the procedure ! 

  If you have oily skin, open pores and your skin lost elastin if you prefer hairstroke technique keep in mind that the hairs won’t heal as sharp as they do in dry skin , so you can choose a soft ombré as it will give better results long term and will give you more satisfaction. 
 If you have thinned skin due to long term medication, weight loss , ageing, advanced skincare , blood thinners or you bruise easily please take arnica pills for at least 5 days before your procedure ! 

  ***Please ask all the questions you may have at your  consultation, it’s extremely important to know what you want and more important, what you don’t want from your procedure. Note that your technician has the right to refuse treatment, if she thinks that the outcome you are looking for, can’t be achieved or is not be suitable for you! Respect that decision!