standard-title Aftercare Requirements

Aftercare Requirements

Eyebrow Micropigmentation Aftercare

General After Care Instructions 

For 7 days following application of Eyebrow Micropigmentation :

Do not touch the healing pigmented area with your fingers, might have bacteria on them and create an infection.

  • Apply the ointment provided 4-5 times per day for 3 days and then up to 7 days 2-3 times per day  until the procedure area has healed. Always use a clean damp cotton pad with boiled and cooled /sterile/ bottled water) to clean the brows before reapplying aftercare and not your fingertips.  Only  apply the aftercare ointment with clean cotton buds, never let your fingers touch your skin. Wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly before caring for your brows.  Before bathing, gently apply a light coating of Vaseline on the procedure area using a clean cotton swab.  Continue this regime until the procedure is completely healed. Remove Vaseline as soon as you’re out of the shower.  Do not rub or traumatise the procedure area while it is healing, pigment may be removed along with crusting tissue.Use a tattoo ‘sun block’ after the procedure area has healed to prevent future fading of pigment colour.  Touch up visits should be scheduled around 60 days post procedure, especially for Microblading and Combo.  All Micropigmentation procedures are a two step process.  Results are not determined until touch up applications are completed !!!  If you experience any itching, swelling, blistering, or any other complications post procedure, stop using product and call your technician immediately.  You may be allergic to the after care product you are using, even if patch tested prior. you have any questions or concerns, or experience anything out of the ordinary, please notify your technician immediately.
  • Please note that for Powder \ Ombré Brows after care starts after 24 hours, dry healing first day.
  • Clients need to follow ALL After Care Instructions for good results of their procedure(s). Aloe Vera can pull the colour out of some clients so we suggest that they do not use this product while they are healing.Remember all procedures must HEAL, PEAL, and FADE!  This process may take up to 10 days.
  • Clients colour will look must darker first couple of  days, as the procedure has blood and lymph in it.  After the area peels, the colour will be softer.
  • Do not exercise, swim , use saunas or steam rooms, avoid sun , antibiotics or makeup too close to the brow area, be cautious when removing makeup and avoid sleeping on the sides or face down.
  • Do not use ANY products that contain AHA’s, Vit A, Retinol A or similar lightening and peeling products on the procedure area. Example: Lactic or Glycolic Acids. (Check your product labelling and read the ingredients on the back of the bottle of product you are using).  It will fade your pigment colour substantially and prevent you from getting the perfect result we aim for ! 

    Failure to follow the above advice will result in less than desired results or not getting your top up in the  advised timelines ,  gives me the right as technician to refuse further appointments.