standard-title Reservation


Reservation Plugin

This WordPress Plugin is for receiving, managing and handling bookings easily. It can be used for any reservation type content for hotels, car rentals, events, B&B’s, appointments or conferences, and many more.

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  • Available in widgets and as a shortcode
  • Calendar is connected with on-page form and widget
  • Shows avalaible resources and works like datepicker for form


  • There is main form shortcode for reservation
  • You can build own in administration of easyreservation
  • Forms are also avalaible in widgets and sidebars

Control Panel

  • Customer can manage all his reservations
  • You can contact each other easily with built-in messenger
  • It’s really effective with payment gateways as a premium feature

Search Resources

  • You can search with criteria predefined in administration
  • Result can be listed or shown as a table
  • Just create a page and insert a shortcode

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