standard-title Mesotherapy / Skin Boosters • Skin Whitening Cocktail 45 minutes • €100

Mesotherapy / Skin Boosters • Skin Whitening Cocktail

45 minutes • €100

Melanocytes are melanin producing cells that are present within the skin’s epidermal layer. This melanin is produced through a process known as melanogenesis found in the skin and hair close to the skin. Varying types and stages of skin pigmentation issues arise when there is either an overproduction or underproduction of melanocytes within specific areas of the skin, or when the distribution of these melanocytes is not uniform throughout. The result of this skin pigmentation are visible patches of different tones of discoloration throughout the body and face.

The suppression of the melanocyte activity can cause pale or white patches to show up on the body and in extreme cases causes albinism. The scientific name for this discoloration is Melasma.

Although it can affect anyone, melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women. It is also common in patients with thyroid disease. Intense sun exposure greatly increases the susceptibility to developing this condition as well. Stress has also been know to cause outbreaks, as well as some rare occurrences by an allergic reaction to medications and cosmetics. Genetic predisposition is of course also a major factor in determining whether someone will develop this condition. Price per area .