standard-title Realistic Brows – Machine Hairstroke Technique 2 hours 15 minutes • €420

Realistic Brows – Machine Hairstroke Technique

2 hours 15 minutes • €420

The most advanced and difficult to master technique replicating real life hair strokes in Micropigmentation .  As the name suggests, machine hairstrokes are done using a cosmetic tattooing machine. Rather than slicing with a manual thin blade-like tool ,the Micropigmentation machine injects a pigment into the dermis by creating thousands of tiny dots (it perforates the skin up to 5000 times per minute ) giving the illusion of  hyper realistic , perfect and natural hair-like strokes of coloured pigment beneath the surface of the skin. This service allows you to have fully saturated hairstrokes with better retention, minimal trauma to the skin and provides you with a smoother and faster healing process.As  a result, the machine strokes last longer because the device is able to implant as much or as little pigment in the chosen area ,without causing swelling, bleeding or bruising and is being described as the most comfortable technique and experience of pigments implanting into the skin ! 

The machine hairstrokes  last longer and wear off in a softer way,  my technique is also suitable for all skin types compared to microblading technique ,having great results and retention when working over scar tissue in the brow area which is quite common due to accidents and piercings!