standard-title Powder Brows – Bold & Defined Brows 2 hours • €400 including touch up

Powder Brows – Bold & Defined Brows

2 hours • €400 including touch up

If you are someone who wants a fuller brow with a more defined “make-up look” the powder brow mimics the appearance of filled in brow make-up. … Using a machine, a stylus and advanced permanent make-up techniques, pigments are permanently inserted into the dermal layer of the skin for a defined and shaded shape. It suits every skin type and healing is soft and fast. It is a Permanent Makeup procedure used mainly in important corrections of assymetry, colour enhancement and long lasting effect, has a fuller look and intensity/density compared to Ombre Brows. Patch test, skin assessment and a consultation are a must in order to take your booking! Note that I design the shape to fully suit your face shape and needs, the measurements are very specific, so the shape it’s 100% customised to your needs. I do not replicate other technicians work or work after internet images. The price includes the 6 weeks refining top up! Please note that failure to fulfil your schedule and not follow aftercare as advised, gives us the right to terminate our contract or to charge different rates for delayed or overdue procedures!