standard-title Microblading Brows – Manual Strokes Technique 1 hour 30 min • €400

Microblading Brows – Manual Strokes Technique

1 hour 30 min • €400


I have a true passion for brow design, each set I design is a step forward and each client is a personal challenge! Here is more info on the treatment itself, feel free to ask any questions you might have, if you’re interested in getting it done! A few decades ago, women went crazy over semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos. The process was painful, the results were unnatural and the colours would turn an unattractive shade of purplish-grey after about two years. Their reason for getting the tattoos in the first place was rather simple — drawing on perfect eyebrows every morning was an annoying burden. A few years back, eyebrow tattoos were all the rage, but many complained that they appeared too unnatural, that they looked like Barbie brows. But with microblading, I customise the colour to make sure it best matches each person, based on natural your bone structure, needs, hair colour and skin tone. The pigment I use for microblading is more stable in terms of colour stability and overall durability. It stays on the skin for around two and the colour will gradually fade and lighten. This beauty shortcut is ideal for those with thin eyebrows who do not want to waste time drawing them on every morning or who don’t feel very confident during the day, as sweat and humidity causes colouring to fade. Certain activities, such as swimming and exercise, sun exposure, hormonal treatments, advanced beauty treatments, laser and peel skin treatments are also not friendly to permanent makeup and will distort colour long term. With this semi-permanent tattoo, women can feel more confident and save time in the morning. Please note that Microblading doesn’t suit everyone so the consultation prior to the procedure is mandatory in identifying the perfect technique for you!