standard-title Hydra Clinic Facial Treatment 1 hour • €60

Hydra Clinic Facial Treatment

1 hour • €60

The new HYDRA CLINIC range:
• is enriched with INTELLIGENT HYDRO-LIPIDS that are able to adjust the skin level of hydration depending on the humidity outside. With their dual performance, they reproduce the role of the CUTANEOUS PHOSPHOLIPIDS in a BIOMIMETIC way and thus recreate the skin’s natural hydro-lipid structure.
• promotes the various mechanisms that play a part in distributing water in the skin due to the use of AQUAPORIN TECHNOLOGY.
• facilitates the epidermal reconstruction of damaged skin by incorporating a SELF-REGULATING PHYTO-COMPLEX.
This treatment is rich in INTELLIGENT HYDROLIPIDS capable of capturing the water molecules available in the environment, storing them and then sharing them with the skin as soon as it becomes dehydrated.