standard-title Dermaplaning 45 minutes • €60


45 minutes • €60

This is a great treatment for most skin types including those who generally shy away from peels and microdermabrasion  because they find their skin to be too sensitive or reactive. If suffering with acne and breakouts I would wait until skin has healed, so it’s safe to proceed.  It’s also a great treatment for getting into the hard-to-access places such as the creases around the nose and the side of the nose, near the eyes! 

The big question is as always, is it suitable for you ?! Yes , if you find yourself in the descriptions that follow! 

Congestion, blocked pores &/or enlarged pores, thickened skin from overusing Vit A .       

Sluggish cellular turnover (the desquamation process where the dead skin cells are not shedding off as quickly as they once did when you were younger –  dead skin cells bonding and clinging to your skin’s surface gives a dull and uneven texture).

Removal of vellus hair (it’s an alternative to facial waxing that gets you double bang for your buck: a facial exfoliation treatment + hair removal).

You will see immediate benefits. Your skin will look plumper because the fresh new skin cells that have just been revealed are still juicy and round, therefore plumping out the surface of your skin. With those flat, dead skin cells removed, you will also look brighter and have a more even texture. Not to mention smoother with the fine vellus hair removed. 

If you invest in good skincare but don’t see results as fast as you’d expect or prefer, dermaplaning is the perfect boost you need to truly get the value of your products. It’s been the perfect treatment to reset my face after a build up I can’t even quantify. While your lifestyle doesn’t necessarily allow you to make it a monthly lunchtime excursion, you’ll certainly see that  a visit every couple of months or ahead of big events to give yourself  a boost is well worth it ! 

After all, when we spend as much as we do on good skincare, the treatment is the difference between seeing those products go from zero to hero. I highly recommend it and has been tested on me for a couple of months  before offering it to you , so indulge and have glowing skin , no matter the reason ! 

Please note that this treatment is not a hair removal replacement, it will remove 

Everything but I recommend to remove your thicker hairs ( lip chin neck ) by threading only  and don’t rely on dermaplaning, if you don’t want that area to look and feel like it has been shaved.  As a result the vellus hair will grow back the same, so the thicker hairs! You can get it redone as soon as 3 weeks or leave it as long as you wish! I don’t advise applying make up straight away, but mineral make up is safe to be used and a high Spf is a must during the day.  

Dermaplaning is safe for virtually everyone. However, you should avoid it if you have a tan, sunburn, active acne, a flaring rosacea breakout, or an inflammatory skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, as the procedure can worsen these issues. If you have a lot of deep acne scarring, you also want to be careful with dermaplaning since there may be an easier chance of nicking your skin during the treatment.