standard-title Biorevitalisation – Rejuvenating Cocktail HA 45 minutes • €120

Biorevitalisation – Rejuvenating Cocktail HA

45 minutes • €120

Our Bioface Rejuvenating Cocktail has been shown to revive and restore your skin to make it look more energetic, while keeping it youthful and healthy for years to come. This formula has powerful anti-aging properties, a remarkable lifting effect, and is a very efficient solution for attenuating expression wrinkles. All this and the added moisturizing qualities that your skin needs, makes it a complete solution to stay looking young.
Skin aging is caused by dermal fibroblast dysfunction and a degeneration in their biosynthetic action. Maturing fibroblasts in the extracellular matrix slow down their synthesis as they age. This gradual deficiency contributes to the reduction of the energetic appearance of skin. The main objective of this cocktail is to slow down and adjust these changes in the skin that happen as we age. Price per area !