standard-title Mesotherapy / Skin Boosters – Anti Hair Loss 30 minutes • €120

Mesotherapy / Skin Boosters – Anti Hair Loss

30 minutes • €120

Hair loss can be caused by a number of different reasons. It can be brought upon by physical, psychological, and physiological factors. The most common causes besides genetics in today’s society are: stress, physical trauma, surgery, accidents, illness, pregnancy, hormone imbalance, UV exposure, vitamin level fluctuations, and even the flu can cause temporary balding called telogen effluvium. Some of these reasons are in our control and some of course are not… but we have a solution. Our unique Bioface Hair formula can treat this hair loss that afflicts a large portion of the world population, and help you regrow new hair and keep the hair you currently have. Its special blend of carefully selected ingredients and peptides will provide the hair with all the necessary nutrients it needs to grow, stay healthy, and keep its strength so it will not break easily. It will help it grow faster, thicker by adding volume and also add a lot of shine. Our advanced formula is designed to give you fast and effective results. Price per session, 4 sessions for the price of 3 as course when paid upfront ! .